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Denko Wind Turbine Ventilator

Post Date : January 20
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The Turbine Ventilator operates by harnessing the full velocity energy

How does "Denko" Wind Turbine Ventilator operate?" The Turbine Ventilator operates by harnessing the full velocity energy of the wind to include and Air Flow by centrifugal action. Because the double-curved vanes are lightweight and dynamically balanced, even a slight breeze will spin the ventilator." When the Ventilator rotates, a centrifugal force is created, which then draws the air in the ventilator towards the spinning vanes and out of the ventilator." As the Ventilator rotates, the double-curved vanes act as cups that catch the wind at the windward side of the ventilator. Simultaneously, air is forced out at the leeward side creating a continuous Air Flow. Thus giving rise to ventilation." When air is drawn out of the ventilator, a region of low pressure is created directly under the ventilator relative to the other areas in the building." As there is a difference in air pressure, air from higher-pressure regions will naturally move towards the lower pressure regions to maintain a state of equilibrium." Air drawn out by the ventilators is continuously
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