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PECKO Pastry Oven

Post Date : January 21
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Deck Baking Oven


P-1 Series

This model has designed for pastry production. It is first deck oven in Turkey which could gives seperate baking temperatures in each deck with Liquid and gas fuel. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Description PKT-36-BK-3299042-100 External Dimensions (WxDxH) mm. 1880x2100x2409 Capacity (250-300 gr. Bread) pcs./h 190 Baking Surface sqm 3,6 Fuel Consumption (Heating) 36.000 kcalMotorin; 3,6 lt/hFuel Oil; 3,7 lt/hD.gaz; 4,4 m3/h Electricity Consumption Kw./h 2,57 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF THE BAKING DECKS
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PECKO AR Turbo Rack Rotating Universal Type Oven

PECKO AR Turbo Rack Rotating Universal Type Oven

PECKO AR Turbo Rack Rotating Universal Type Oven

Series D-4

A new desing PEÇKO AR ® Turbo Rack Rotating type ovens are manufactured with Toya quality. Some of the important characteristics are as below;- Heating could be done by using Diesel, Heavy Oil, Natural Gas and any type of solid fuel ( wood, coal, etc) with its indirect heating system.- In solid fuel models, heat exchanger could be cleaned easier and effective then all other models in the market with its special design.- In all fuel types the chimney gas recycled with its exaust desing. Therefore it has a minimum 25 % energy saving with equal capacity rack ovens in the market. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Description P-ARTTDÜ80100266-100 P-ARBDÜ53130271-100 External Dimensions (WxDxH) mm. 179024902470 228031902470 Capacity (250-300 gr. Bread) pcs./h 784 1344 Baking Surface sqm. 12,8 22 Fuel Consumption (Heating) 60.000 kcalMotorion; 6 lt/hFuel Oil; 6,2 lt/h D.gaz; 7,3 m3/hKömür; 12,63 kg/h 82.500 kcalMotorion; 8,2 lt/hFuel Oil; 8,5 lt/h D.gaz; 7,3 m3/hKömür; 17 kg/h Electricity Consumption Kw./h 3,31 4,3 Tray Size mm. 800x1000 530x1300 Number of Trays 16 32
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Filled Biscuit Machine

Filled Biscuit Machine

Filled Biscuit Machine

Magica 3000

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Model No Product Name External Dimensions (WxDxH) Capacity pcs./h Power Supply - Electricity Weight 2010-03 Magica 3000 760x750x1480 3000 1,2 kw. 220V./ 50Hz 280 kg
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