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The RDS 3000 document reader scanner makes available in a single unit the functions and facilities

The RDS 3000 document reader scanner makes available in a single unit the functions and facilities which are required for reading the codeline, image capture, cancellation stamping and rear endorsement of cheques, credits and similar vouchers. Although it has relevance to document capture in general it is particularly relevant to the requirements of modern banking. The RDS 3000's small footprint allows it to be used on bank counter teller positions as well as in back offices. The RDS 3000 is designed to provide accurate reading of magnetic (E13B and CMC7) and OCR (OCR A, OCR B, and if required E13B fonts) codelines.

The image capture system allows the customer to select the density and compression standard to be used as well as to choose between black and white or 256 grey levels.

The RDS 3000's INPUT HOPPER has a capacity of up to 100 documents (dependent upon paper condition and quality).
The AUTOMATIC FEEDER incorporates a "doubles detection " capability, which is set to the paper quality of the documents.
The TRACK SPEED of the RDS3000 is 43 or 34 cms/sec selectable by the application program. Under normal operating conditions this provides a throughput of about 30 documents per minute.
The RDS 3000 has, as standard, a MAGNETIC READ HEAD, which is positioned to read E13B or CMC7 codelines printed in the accepted position for codeline date.
The REAR ENDORSEMENT Ink Jet Printer functions under the control of the application program. The endorsement is applied before the image capture process ensuring that the images captured are a true representation of the document at the end of the RDS3000 process. An OCR READ HEAD is available as an optional device. This is also positioned to read data located in the banking codeline band. OCRA, OCRB and E13B codelines can be read. The OCR read head can also be used to read barcodes.

The IMAGE CAPTURE provides the facilities and capabilities usually associated with systems which are considerably more expensive. Whether your requirement is for black and white images or the perfectly clear cut and sharply defined output of capture at 256 grey levels you will find that you can apply the images to character recognition software in the confidence of capturing accurate, reliable data. Image densities of 100 x 100dpi or 200 x 200 dpi allow the speed of the track to be 43 cms. and densities of 100 x 127 dpi or 200 x 254 dpi give a speed of 34 cms.

The image capture system of the RDS 3000 is flexible to meet your requirements. You can elect to capture one or two front images using a green light and/or a red light as well as a back image using either a red or green light. The flexibility of the image capture system means that you do not have to use the same density or compression technique for the different image selections even on the same document in the same pass.

There are two OUTPUT STACKER pockets each with a capacity of up to one hundred vouchers depending on paper quality and condition. The pockets can be used under program control to separate documents to meet application requirements The pockets are motorised to ensure reliable stacking and both are adjustable to document length. CONNECTION to the HOST PC is via the Fast SCSI-2 port, which allows the speed of transmission, required to satisfy the requirements of the RDS3000 in counter or back office operations.

The RDS 3000 offers as OPTIONAL DEVICES a magnetic stripe card reader; a front cancellation stamp and a rear ink jet endorsement printer as well as the OCR reader, which is referred to above. The Manual Swipe Magnetic Stripe Card Reader is provided either as a tracks 1/2 or 2/3 device.

The Front Cancellation Stamp operates under application control and allows you to define whether a particular document is to be stamped. The stamp is applied before the image is captured ensuring that the images are a true representation of the document at the end of the RDS 3000 process. The stamp mechanism is included in the option, however the actual stamp is a customised item to be provided by the user. SOFTWARE. The RDS 3000 is supplied with the necessary API to enable the user to produce application programs to meet the requirements of the business.

The software is Windows 95 and NT/4 compatible.
RDS 3000 is designed to provide branch data and image capture for banks either as a counter device particularly where truncation is allowed and also in back office environments.

SEAC BANCHE has brought the experience and resources gained from the RD1000 and the reader / sorters to the design, production and distribution of the RDS 3000. To satisfy the specific need for colour images both for recognition purposes (where the selected recognition system requires it) and for archive purposes SDEAC Banche has developed the RDS 6000 colour image capture document reader scanner system. SEAC BANCHE is an ISO 9002 registered company that is proud of its reputation for the quality of its products from the design stage onwards. This includes all stages of the manufacture process from prototype to delivered system and the ongoing support and maintenance in its quality-controlled workshop. SEAC BANCHE is proud of its ability to finance all of its activities from the resources it generates from its success. SEAC BANCHE always looks forward to welcoming existing users and organisations, which are considering the acquisition of its products. RDS 3000 DOCUMENT READER SCANNER / Specifications
Width: 330 mm
Depth: 138 mm
Height: 138 mm
Speed of document feed: 43cms. Or 34cms. Selectable by the application program
Automatic feeder with Doubles Detection control feature: capacity up to 100 documents
Number of stackers: 2, motorised with capacity of up to 100 documents
MICR read CMC7, E13B
Rear endorsement Ink jet printer programmable, single line at one of two heights selected by the user program
Image capture device 1 or 2 front images user application selectable
Front -red and/or green light, back-red or green light, 200 x 200 dpi or 100 x 100 dpi, track speed 43 cm., 200 x 254 dpi or 100 x 127 dpi, track speed 34 cm., black and white and/or 256 grey Levels.
Interface: Fast SCSI-2 (with PC card approved by SEAC BANCHE

OCR read head : OCRA, OCRB, E13B, OCRB x E13B
Front Cancellation Stamp Roller inked stamp controlled by application program

Pentium 2 (300mh or more)
32 k RAM or more
Floppy disk
Hard disk
ASPI compatible SCSI interface

Windows NT 4.0 or higher / Windows 95 or 98

The philosophy of the SEAC BANCHE approach is to provide the user with high quality hardware, reliable API and driver software allowing the user or the appointed systems house to build the application that is relevant to the unique needs of the user and that interfaces to other applications if beneficial to the Bank.

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