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Concrete Cooling Systems

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  • ISO9001, ISO1400, CE
  • Fuzhou port
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  • Supplier - Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd.
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Post Date : January 30
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ISO9001, ISO1400, CE
Fuzhou port
Fujian China (Mainland)
5 Set/Sets per Month


Snowkey concrete cooling system, we focuse on research, manufacturer and sales of the concrete cooling equipment.

Snowkey concrete cooling system, Temperature control concrete
During condensation and rigidification process of concrete, hydrated cement produces a large amount of hydration heat. When the heat accumulates, the temperature increase inside the concrete will become rapider. The concrete structure is thick and large, which has low thermal conductivity and makes the heat hard to emit, therefore, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the concrete is excessive and tensile stress comes up. When the tensile stress excesses the current concrete ultimate tensile strength, the concrete surface will crack. Generally, the temperature difference between inner and outer part of the concrete should not exceed 25, otherwise, there would be temperature crack to the concrete will came into the crack.

In order to prevent cracking, maximum temperature inside the concrete should be controlled strictly. One of the methods of controlling temperature is to reduce the concrete pouring temperature. Therefore, the concrete-out temperature should be limited. In hot season, the concrete-out temperature, in natural conditions, sometimes excesses the temperature limited by construction. Then, artificial temperature reduction is needed. Namely, pre-cooling the aggregate and mixing the concrete with cold water and flake ice to reduce the concrete-out temperature. This is the most effective measure for reducing concrete pouring temperature.

Snowkey focuses on research, manufacturer and sales of the concrete cooling equipment. We have provided overall cooling and temperature reducing system for many famous skyscrapers, water conservancy projects, nuclear power projects, mines and so on. Our products mainly include ice-making system, water-chilling system and automatic flake ice storing and delivering system. Snowkey passed the certification of ISO 9000 quality system, ISO 14001environment management system and CE.

General characters of water chiller

Snowkey water chilling system is containerized, which makes it convenient to move and suitable for work site with atrocious working conditions. It is specialized in cooling down water for the batching plant from 46to 0.5 (the water-in temperature can be higher, according to clients actual situation). Evaporative condenser and 4-stage water cooling system.

Snowkey water chiller has high efficiency. It adopts 3 or 4-stage cooling system. Evaporative condenser is hot galvanized. The plate exchanger is equipped with gauges and operation panel. At least 2 sets of compressor in parallel connection are equipped, which consumes less energy (more than 25%) than usual water chiller. Each set of water chiller is also equipped with one set of cold water circulation pump, which can cool down the water temperature from 45-50 to 0-0.5 in atrocious conditions. Highly effective plate heat exchanger is opted, which is energy saving, useful for controlling working conditions, has small volume and small size, etc. It is reliable, especially the 3rd stage plate heat exchanger. It can produce 0.5 cold water without freezing, which can avoid ice jam danger.

The refrigeration system can adjust the compressor load and unload automatically according to the water temperature (suction pressure) to ensure constant cold water out temperature. Consequently, compared with other manufacturers water chiller, Snowkey water chilling equipment is better in energy saving and lower in operation cost.

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Evaporative Condenser

Evaporative Condenser

Evaporative Condenser

Snowkey evaporative condenser:
Advanced patented technology, Classic heat exchange and mechanical performance

Snowkey evaporative condenser:

Superior Maintenance Features

The SLC adopts unique and particle design. The design of spacious room inside eliminates the shortcoming of not easy to examine and repair due to crowded room of the evaporative condenser inside. The SEC design builds upon decades of operation experience, incorporating components that are proven to be durable and simple to maintain.

Directly Examinable and repairable

Water Spray System

The parallel air and water flows of the SEC allow the spray area to be uncovered (drift eliminators are inside), permitting quick and easy inspection of the sprays and coils and coils outside the unit while the SLC is in operation.

Wide-Spaced, Non-clog Air Inlet Louvers

The spacious and high quality air inlet grid design avoids the possibility of forming scale and ice on the surface.

Hinged Access Doors For Easy Entry

Big access doors at one end wall provides easy access to the unit inside.

Easy Access to Fan Drive System and Condensing Coil

A spacious plenum provides easy access to the motor drive system and the condensing coil through easily removable PVC of fans.

Sloped Basin Floor Facilitates Cleaning

The floor of the water basin is sloped toward the depressed section and the wet deck is elevated to facilitate flushing dirt and debris from this critical area..

Low Investment

SEC Evaporative Condenser = Shell & Tube Type Condenser + Cooling Tower + Water Pump + Water Sump + Piping

The SLC Evaporative Condenser with water pump, water sump and PVC heat-exchange fill (has the similar with cooling tower), creates compact structure, less floor space, low unit weights, and convenient installation----that means substantial reduction in installation cost. Moreover, the SLC Evaporative Condenser is delivered to site in the modular assemblies of the upper and lower pares, requiring only bolting the upper and lower casings, and electrical and piping service for use that results in far less on-site installation work and therefore installation cost greatly reduced. In short, the budget of capital expenditure can be curtailed by selecting SEC Evaporative Condenser, compared with other types of condenser.

Excellent Operation effect and Lower Operating Cost

Because of its high efficiency, water and electrical savings, and fewer parts to be maintained, the SEC Evaporative Condenser in your application leads to lower operating cost than other types of condensers.

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Spade(with handle)

Spade(with handle)

Spade(with handle)

Dimensons: 950mm long, 260mm wide
Color: white
Certify:consistent with the HACCP health standard

It is made by High-intensity plastic,seamless welding,beautiful and long-useful,it is not just an ice shovel,but can be used in other field,for example: flake ice,block ice,food,fodder,provender,chemical pigment,medical,building,supermarket etc.

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