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tv memory copier

  • 100 Set/Sets
  • Henan China (Mainland)
  • Yes
  • 20-31 inch
  • SC-2008L
  • Tag:tv procedures copier,tv copier
Post Date : February 06
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Henan China (Mainland)
20-31 inch
1080p (Full-HD)
5000 Set/Sets per Day


We launched a multi-purpose memory copy-SC-2008L memory copy -the entire Chinese instrument operation .Use a new set of computer

SC-2008L memory copy in entire english operation

Instruction for use

Our companys memory-copies were hight prised by custumers since they went into markets.Under the effort of companys engineering and technical stuffs , We launched a multi-purpose memory copy-SC-2008L memory copy -the entire Chinese instrument operation .Use a new set of computer USB interface to connect computer, operating independently develop in entire Chinese operation procedures. The CPU of the copyer can communicate with computer directly , mutual control ,fully run literacy 24 C and 93 C Series chips.increased the success rate of literacy chips can read and write data accuracy, more importantly, it over come the past come computers to Various manufacturers of memory chips and chip Caji the technical required too harsh when connecting.

As long as there is no memory chip hardware damaged,it can reproduce in the normal operation of the instrument. SC-2008L all Chinese copying device can use USB connection to connect on-line computer and the computer can be divorced from the 24 C and 93 C Series chips Duikao, the strict reproduction circuit design, all function display directionly, and operating instructions more humane manner, CD-ROM with random color TV, tv monitor, VCD more than 2,000 kinds of data that best fit more users.

Online:Put the random CD-ROM into the computer drive, click on the computer CD-ROM drive,then click on the computer installation process,following the Tip of interface to instsllate the program, When finished,a color icon of IC show on the desktop. It said the drive installation is successful, and then use USB connection to connect copy and computer (without an external power source),let the copy placed on-line, then the 8054 indicator lighted, computer can identificate hardware. Some computer react slowly, waiting,When Tips appeared,its ok. double-click the icon to enter the previous page, click on the use of on-line access to operate interface, according to the on-screen prompts through various operations. First click on test to see if computer display online and if copy is online. According to write chip Model to choose Model .placed write chips on the Write Block of copy and locked , click chip can be read copy and display chips in the buffer zone, click the chip can be written in the buffer zone write data to memory chips, click the check can compare the chip data that has been written and the data in buffer. click open ,the CD-ROM can be found ,or user-owned databases data,.Selected the corresponding file, click the file name, transferred the data to the buffer zone,.click automatically ,it can finish write chip and check chip togethes,.click save ,data in the buffer zone can be made for the file name and put into a computer hard drive. Click erase chip can be erased, modified data within the buffer zone data can click on a single symbol to edit.

Offline operation:-Copy-plug an external 9 V DC power supply, power indicator lighted, the copy is the initial state-offline status, only need the model that to be copied according to Model to select 24 C and 93 C, corresponding indicator instructions, to reproduce the light of the contents of the parent-choice button to select capacity by 24 C02, 04,08,16,32,64 or 93 C46, 56,66,76,86, Look ,whether the content indicators show is right.After finished,placed the Masters on Reading seat, place empty chip or waiting written chip on writing seat, locked. The copy of confirmed button entry into the replication automaticly. the success light and failure light are alternating flashing, that are copiing. When finished,if the success indicator ling,it means success.if the failure indicator light ,it means failed. (Please check the quality of IC chip, whether the model and content are correct?Whether placed position is correct? Note: We must choose the same chip in model and content)

Technical instructions: USB interface
Online readers chips: 24 C02, 04,08,16,32,64,128,256,512,93 C46, 56,66,76,86
Offline Duikao chips: 24 C02, 04,08,16,32,64,93 C46, 56,66,76,86
External power supply: 9 V300mA DC power supply
NOTE: Do not operate in the on-line interpolation 9 V power supply, not metal table in the operation to avoid damage to short-circuit hardware for copying.
Annex: a mainframe, a random CD-ROM, a 9 V300mA power, a USB connection.

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