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Viking Immersion Rescue I Suit

Post Date : February 07
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USCG/SOLAS Immersion-Rescue I
Approved according to SOLAS 96/98/EC and USCG. Outer fabric: 5mm neoprene

USCG/SOLAS Immersion-Rescue I

Approved according to SOLAS 96/98/EC and USCG. Outer fabric: 5mm neoprene.

  • Loose gloves attached to girth at wristlets
  • Neoprene boots fitted with rubber soles and hook/loop intake
  • Comes in a bag

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Stearns Cold Water Suit

Stearns Cold Water Suit

Stearns Cold Water Suit

Type S (USCG, MED, SOLAS Approved)

When lives are at stake, more maritime professionals worldwide rely on the Stearns I590 Cold Water Immersion Suit than any other immersion suit brand. Made with 5mm stretchable flame retardant neoprene, the Stearns I590 provides quality anti-hypothermia proteciton.

  • All sizes provide a generous fit for easy donning
  • Each suit comes in its own color coded storage bag
  • USCG Approved and complies with SOLAS 74/96 and European MED. Also available in model I590-MED, without inflatable head support, which is European MED Approved and complies with SOLAS 74/96
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Revere Imperial Immersion Suit

Revere Imperial Immersion Suit

Revere Imperial Immersion Suit

USCG/MED Approved / SOLAS Compliant

Key Features
USCG/MED Approved / SOLAS Compliant
Three-fingered mitt to keep your fingers warmer
Wide legs for quick donning
Dual-zipper pull tabs
Inflatable high-rider ring for additional freeboard and buoyancy
Snug-fitting face seal is flexible and comfortable
Retro-reflective tape for extra visibility
Sturdy carrying bag with 2 handles for quick retrieval
and donning of suit
Suits are true to size
Suits made of 5mm neoprene
1-piece, sealed contruction
Back straps
Inherently buoyant
Comes with whistle
Weighs only 14 lbs. (6.35 kg.)

Custom, oversized suits are available upon request.
Optional personal survival kit pocket.
This pocket zips right onto the high-rider ring, which allows for a simple
and easy perosnal survival kit right on your suit. It can hold anything
from an EPIRB or PLB, medication, flares, food and/or water
Lifting harness and buddy line available
Custom stencilling with organization name
PFD Lights are also available for the suits

The Imperial Immersion Suit may be pressure-tested and inspected by Marine Safety. Suits must be in a serviceable condition at all times. The pressure test can reveal leaks that cant be seen with the naked eye. A well maintained suit greatly increases your chances of survival, will last longer, and saves you time and money in the long run.

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