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Pectin/Bromelain Capsules

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Post Date : February 09
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Orthopedics Drugs


$7.95 for 150 Pectin Capsules (425mg each*. Dosage: 5 capsules daily.)

pectin helps arthritis, cholesterol, diabetes, and reduces cancer risk.
Click here to buy pectin .

$7.95 for 150 Pectin Capsules (425mg each*. Dosage: 5 capsules daily.)
$7.95 for 90 Pectin Capsules (800mg each*. Dosage: 3 capsules daily.)
$9.99 for 90 Pectin/brome lain Capsules (pectin 600mg, brome lain 200mg each*. Dosage: 3 capsules daily.)

Sold in zip-lock bags for easy handling for arthritis sufferers.
Bottles available upon request, $1 extra. Click here to buy.

What is pectin, and how does it help cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer? Pectin comes from the rinds of citrus fruits and the pulp of apples. It is a natural soluble fiber and is commonly used as a thickener in jellies and jams. In the studies and research cited below, pectin protects against cancer, reduces inflammation and cholesterol levels, removes artery plaque, eliminates arthritic pain and stiffness, eliminates constipation and diahrea, and regulates blood glucose levels. Additionally, pectin contains boron, which boosts mental alertness and reduces calcium loss that leads to osteoporosis. Also described below is pectin's ability to enhance cell uniformity, reducing the occurrence of malignancy.

Pectin and Cholesterol: Reduce cholesterol, remove artery plaque Dr. James J. Cerda of the University of Florida Medical College in Gainesville shows before and after photos of a plaque-clogged artery that was dramatically cured after 9 months of pectin use. As you can see in the "after" picture, the artery which is cured from the ravages of high cholesterol appears to be in a much younger condition. Vita-Complete Canada, Inc. discusses pectin's unique ability to decrease the body's fat absorption, thus lowering cholesterol levels.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Cardiology showed citrus pectin significantly decreased blood cholesterol levels without altering diet or lifestyle.

Pectin and Arthritis: How does pectin actually help arthritis? Every joint in the body is encased in a connective tissue called synovia, which allows a joint to glide smoothly and painlessly as long as the synovial tissue is healthy. With age, synovial tissue can lose its elasticity and lubrication, causing pain, stiffness, and swelling with joint motion (arthritis). Pectin helps to return synovial and other connective tissue (arteries, tendons, ligaments, etc.) to their previously smooth, elastic, lubricated condition which promotes pain-free joint movement. This process begins after 1 to 3 weeks of consistent pectin consumption. Once pectin begins working, it works 24 hours per day as long as a daily intake of pectin is maintained (2 grams minimum).

Pectin and connective tissue are discussed by Dr. Katherine Poehlmann in her book titled Rheumatoid Arthritis, The Infection Connection. This book focuses upon targeting and treating the root cause of chronic illness.

When combined with brome lain (a pineapple extract), the relief can be even more dramatic, although brome lain has a more temporary anti-inflammatory effect.

Heart / Coronary health... Lowering your cholesterol reduces your risk of heart problems.

Prevent diabetes, gallstones... explains how pectin acts as an agent to reduce (or eliminate) the occurrence of diabetes and gallstones. Essentially, pectin has the ability to regulate blood glucose levels, especially if taken with meals.

Constipation... further highlights pectin's ability to prevent constipation.

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100% Pure Resveratrol Super-Potent 200mg Capsules - each capsule contains 200mg of pure 100% trans-Resveratrol,

100% Pure Resveratrol Super-Potent 200mg Capsules - each capsule contains 200mg of pure 100% trans-Resveratrol,

100% Pure Resveratrol Super-Potent 200mg Capsules - each capsule contains 200mg of pure 100% trans-Resveratrol,

Temporary Introductory Offer:
Each resveratrol capsule contains 200mg of 100% pure resveratrol

Temporary Introductory Offer:
Each resveratrol capsule contains 200mg of 100% pure resveratrol (trans-resveratrol, the active form). We guarantee 100% purity and quality.
$5.99 1-month supply (30 capsules in zip lock bag)
$29.75 5-month supply in a bottle (150 capsules)
$59.85 (plus free shipping) 1-year supply of 365 capsules, bottle.
Dosage: 1 capsule per day (200mg). Over 150 lbs. 2 capsules, 1 every 12 hours).
to buy resveratrol (trans-resveratrol, the active form).

What makes our products the best quality you can find?
We use pure ingredients in our capsules, not mixed with less potent fillers. Our resveratrol is 200mg of pure resveratrol (trans-resveratrol, the high-quality, biologically active type) per capsule; the pectin is 800mg of 100% pure pectin, etc.

Why do we have the best prices you can find?
2 reasons: 1. We rely on word-of-mouth advertising, which keeps our products inexpensive. Our satisfied customers help us build our business and maintain cheap prices. Many sellers spend tens of thousands of dollars (and more) annually on advertising, and they pass that cost on to you, the consumer. Basically, YOU, the customer, end up paying for all the glitz.

2. We oversee and monitor every step of the manufacturing process and then sell directly to our customers. There is no middleman increasing the price or collecting commission on your sale. This allows us to offer the lowest prices.

We guarantee the potency, freshness, and quality of our products, and we stand behind them with a money-back guarantee.

What is resveratrol?
Resveratrol is a naturally-existing substance found in the skin of grapes and in the Japanese knotweed plant. It is a polyphenol of the class flavonoid, also referred to as an antioxidant.

What does resveratrol do?
Longevity. Harvard Biochemist, Dr. David Sinclair, explains that resveratrol activates the "SIRT1 gene" which caused a 30% increase in lifespan in studies. Further, this 30% increase in longevity was accompanied by very good health and fitness due to resveratrol's ability to protect the clinical test subjects from cancer, arthritis, cholesterol, liver disease, and many other chronic illnesses normally brought on by old age.

These positive effects are further increased by taking quercetin along with resveratrol[1], according to James Johnson, MD, author of the "Up Day Down Day Diet." Dr. Johnson explains that Quercetin also activates the SIRT1 gene (to a lesser degree than resveratrol). Quercetin helps the body to sustain a more constant blood level of resveratrol for a longer period of time, thus causing the SIRT1 gene to remain active for a longer period of time, enabling far better results from the resveratrol[1].

Weight loss. Dr. Johnson also explains that when activated, the SIRT1 gene helps inhibit fat storage by blocking a gene known as PPAR-gamma, which allows fat to be deposited into fat cells. When this gene is turned off, excess fat calories are burned more quickly[1].

Bone density. Resveratrol produces higher bone density and bone health in studies[6].

Cataract and eye health. Resveratrol greatly reduces risk of cataract formation in studies[6].

Diabetes. Resveratrol produces healthy glucose levels in studies[7].

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