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RecrystallIze 710 & Pythagoras 610 Type Sheaths & Insulators

Post Date : February 16
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RecrystallIze 710 & Pythagoras 610 Type Sheaths & Insulators

These sheaths mainly used in glass-flask-billiards-foundries-forging- petrochemical industries, where temperatures are above 1150°c & 1600°c. or used in critical applications where noble metals are of no use. in some applications where there is vibration 610 sheaths gets break & in case of 710 type sheaths gives good life. dias available from 6 mm od to 32 mm od. & lengths available from 350 long.

Shealth O.D. X LD. X Lengths are available as under (All in mm)
Lengths : 350/450/530/600/650/740/900/1030/1430/1470/1500/1620

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Beaded Wire & Insulators

Beaded Wire & Insulators

Beaded Wire & Insulators

Beaded Wire & Insulators

thermocouple element is the heart of the thermocouple assemblies. prudent selection of swg size, length & type of insulation is essential for optimum performance & economy.
We assist you in making best selection based on experience & the technical data presented here.

Thermocouple bare wire : Wire swgs are from 8 swg to 36 swg.
Types of wires : K,J,R,S,T,B,N.E,W.W3,W5.

BEADS : Beads of 2 quality.

1] 610 pythagoras 610 [contains 60% allumina.] continious operating temp.1400°c
2] ker 710 or c-799 recrystallize. [ contains 99.7% allumina.] continious operating temp.1700°c
3] Bores : simplex-duplex-triplex. [2-4-6 bores] dias available from 2.5 mm to 13.5 mm dia

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Hand Held Probes & Thermocouples

Hand Held Probes & Thermocouples

Hand Held Probes & Thermocouples

Hand Held Probes & Thermocouples

Master probe handle probes into the master probe handle. The handle has a mini cack at one end & a coiled cable with mini plug on the other individual probes may be connected to allow easy reach to the process.

Immersion probe : The general purpose probe can be used in liquids & gases.

Penetration probe : Used for penetrating meat,plastic, rubber,asphatt, or other semi soft materials. includes mini plug.

Surface probe : For flat or semi flat surfaces of metal, paper or plastic. Small gauge spring contoured tip allows fast response

Air duct probe : Measures temperature in ducts for air or compatible gases, environmental chambers, ovens, rooms, etc, perforated shield has good air flow & prevents heating by radiation.

Exposed junction probe : Small gauge tip allows high sensitivity & quick response.the thermocouple junction is exposed for readings in air or compatible gases.

Needle probe : Small diameter penetrating probe gives fast response in soft materials & liquids. made with mineral insulated sheath for extra durability.

Bare Tip Prob : This prob consists of 10 feet of 24 swg wire with fibreglass braided cable & a bare wired junction
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