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Ingraham "Maxim" octagon wall clock

Post Date : February 13
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wall clock. $110

Refinished solid oak case is in very clean condition and has no damages. The dial paper has been replaced and the dial rim has been painted silver. It has the original hands and a replaced pendulum. There is a good label. This is an 8 day timepiece and it is running. 15" tall with a 10" dial.


- $110.

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New Haven "Saturn" regulator clock

New Haven "Saturn" regulator clock

New Haven "Saturn" regulator clock

wall clock. $1,100

New Haven Saturn regulator. This case is solid oak and it has a dark old finish. There are no case damages and the bezel seams are tight. The dial paper is original, just a bit discolored but all very legible. The brass face of the pendulum shows a few small dents. It has the original weight and signed beat scale. The incorrect minute hand in the photo has now been replaced with one of the correct style. 8 day timepiece. 35" tall.

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- $1,100.

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Waterbury Postal clock

Waterbury Postal clock

Waterbury Postal clock

wall clock. $875

This oak case is in near perfect original condition. Untouched original finish. The only flaw is two small missing buttons under the drop section. It has a signed paper dial with just a little wear. Original hands, pendulum, signed beat scale, glass, key and a reasonable label. 8 day with hourly strike. It is running but it needs the strike mainspring. 12" dial, 49" tall.

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- $875.

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