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CNC Torch Height Controller

  • 1 Set/Sets
  • Beijing China (Mainland)
  • DC 24V 2 V 3 A
  • capacitance-type detector, ar...
  • Xingang
  • Tag:cnc torch height controller,arc voltage torch height controller,capacitance torch height controller
Post Date : March 01
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Beijing China (Mainland)
DC 24V 2 V 3 A
capacitance-type detector, ar...
0 ~ 100 mm
cutting torch height controller
0.5 mm
L/C,T/T,Western Union
Microstep & Startshaphon
3 ~ 30 mm
3000 mm / min (30 slope)
1000 Set/Sets per Month
automatic machine
Flame cutting machine/plasma cutti...


cnc torch height controller for
cnc plasma/flame cutting machine

cnc torch height controller

Power Requirements: DC 24V ± 2 V 3 A

Applicable motor: 17 / 23 hs series of stepper motors

Manual adjusting height range: 0 ~ 100 mm

Automatic increase of control range: 3 ~ 30 mm

Automatic increase of control speed: 3000 mm / min (30 ° slope)

Control precision: ±0.5 mm

Dimensions of box body: 155 × 87 × 71 mm

Operating temperature: -10 ~ 50

Weight: total weight of capacitance height control: 1.990kg

Total weight of Arc Voltage height: 1.645kg

Detection system: capacitance-type detector, arc voltage height detector

for both plasma and flame cutting machine, cutting machine, cutting machines,automatic machine,, cutting machines . We R&D the THC for the plasma and flame cutting machines. With the THC, it is easy to control height between the cutter and the metal plate when cutting metals.

cutting machine, portable machine, cnc machine, plasma cutting machine is made of steel, plasma cutter, arm of the cnc utting machine is made of stell, as a result ,it is more stable when cutting sheet metals.

Portable CNC plasma cutting machine / CNC flame cutting machine is used for cutting metal plate, cut machine, such as steel plate. Faceful man-machine conversation.The beam can be easily disassembled, easy for packing and shipment. Sealing perfect, dust-proof.,light, smart and portable.

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a control controller for NC Flame/Plasma/Water Cutter/Laser Cutting System
1. Programmable live compensation of cutting slot parameters.
2. The graphic repetition of three arrangement patterns allowing cutting of multi work
pieces fast.
3. Mirror image at X and Y axes as well as in the center.
4. Work piece can be rotated to any angle.
5. Scale adjustment enables correction or change to original sizes of work piece.
6. The number of work piece related files can be saved to hard disk (standard
configuration for 20G and 16G for user space) without any limitation.
7. Multi processing technologies can realize various cutting operations
8. Use of USB memory stick eases up the transfer of processing files.
9. Length of file for single processing program can be 15,000 lines.
10. CAM generated processing programs are acceptable (text file of GM codes).
11. Processing programs can be manually entered, modified and saved.
Hardware Specification
1. 15" VGA color LCD display with resolution of 1024*768
2. 166MHz or 200MHz processor
3. 128MB RAM
4. 20GB (or higher) hard disk
5. Memory stick drive (In case your memory stick cannot be recognized, try with
another one)
6. High speed hardware interpolator.
7. Up to 16 I/O interface signal cables for transferring cutting and motion logic signals.
8. Electronic soft gear, denominator and numerator could be 1-65535.
9. International Protection packing, design of standard keyboard
10.Application of plane installation and printed board technology
11.Universal power input (185-250VAC50Hz))
12. Working Environment: 0~40
System Requirements
1.Min. Program Unit: 0.001mm
2.Max. Program Unit: 999999.999mm
3.Max. Arc Radius: 400000.000mm
4. Max. Motion Speed 8000mm/min (at equivalent of 0.001mm)
5.Min. Motion Speed 1mm/ min
6.Max. Impulse Frequency: 133KHz
7. Max. Program Length: 15000 lines
8.Max. User Space: 16GB or 36GB
Established in 1992, Beijing Start MicroStep Control Technology Co., Ltd. is invested by an American
company named SHAPHON. Ltd., USA. As a result we introduce the advanced American CNC
control and drive technology.
We are active in the fields of R & D, application and sales of CNC and digital products such as CNC
control system, stepper motors, stepper motor drives, servo motors, servo motor drivers and integrated machines can be put a wide application into many areas such as packing, printing, textile,
embroidering, robot, lathe industry and aerospace. Our products have passed the ISO9001 and enjoy a good market in and out of China. The marketing occupation rate is in the leading position in the same
trade, enjoying great prestige with their high performance and low price domestic and abroad. Driver
military products have already been used in the Chinese aerospace industry and have made
contributions to "Spaceship Shenzhou V of China"!
Besides CNC products and motors, we still manufacture Interactive Whiteboard, and the model DJ-112
is the biggest whiteboard in the world at the present. With powerful software, our whiteboard can meet
nearly all your requirements in education, business and so on.
We devote ourselves to making every step perfect!
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IBE Nesting Software!!!!!!!!!!!!

IBE Nesting Software!!!!!!!!!!!!

IBE Nesting Software!!!!!!!!!!!!

IBE Nesting Software for plasma/flame cnc controllers from Germany.

IBE Nesting Software for plasma/flame cnc controllers.

---Basic version
---Professional version

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