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torch height controller, capacitive height controller, torch sensor

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Post Date : March 09
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Guangdong China (Mainland)
200 Piece/Pieces per Month
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installed over 5000 pcs since 2002.
suitable for almost all flame cutters.

It’s HYD CNC'S testing AD on our account, the original supplier will respond to any inquiry directly

Torch height controller for CNC cutting machinery, Plasma cutting machinery, etc. With it, it's easy to control height between the cutter and the metal plate when cutting metal, steel plate etc.

This is our best-seller from the start.
1. Analog circuit instead of SMD Tech on our THC, PWM driving mode, ensuring high reliability of the equipment.
2. It consists of various protection circuits including over-voltage protection circuit, over-current protection circuit and anti-interference protection circuit.
3. Adopt breaking circuit protection.
4. Easy and simple on installation, testing, maintenance.
5. It adopts a method of modularization design, which is convenient for installation, commissioning and maintenance.
6. Unique anti-interference design, adopted both at power input terminal and signal acquisition terminal.

Full Name of Product

Capacitance Torch Height Controller

Product Model




Supply voltage

AC24V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

Lifting motor

DC24V DC motor

DC24V DC motor


Working temperature

Torch height controller: -10~60C; high-frequency co-axial cable: -10~200C; probe assembly: -10~350C

Control Accuracy


Control Range

Distance to workpiece surface: 1mm~20mm

Maximum output power


High-frequency cable length


Disconnection protection range

HF high-frequency cable section

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arc voltage torch height controller, plasma torch controller, torch control,plasma cutter, cnc controller

arc voltage torch height controller, plasma torch controller, torch control,plasma cutter, cnc controller

arc voltage torch height controller, plasma torch controller, torch control,plasma cutter, cnc controller

stand alone THC.
Installed over 1200 pcs since 2005.
torch height controller, torch height sensor

It's HYD.CNC's products on our account, the HYD.CNC will respond to any inquiry directly.

Stand alone THC, works with almost any plasma cutter, installed over 1200 pcs since 2005.
No need software, all functions can be easily operated on THC(as picture showed)
A, Auto Initial Height Sensing(IHS)
Torch Retaining Cap IHS and Proximity Switch IHS (NPN and PNP), Proximity Switch IHS is backup for Torch Retaining Cap IHS for cutting dirty/rusty workpiece, needing the Anti-Collision Fixture designed by HYD (optional ).
B, Torch Anti-Collision Function
We designed Touch-Up circuit for Anti-Collision Function. No matter it is on Auto Control Model or Manual Control Model, when torch head touches the workpiece, THC would automatically lift torch up to IHS height. So with XPTHC-100, even in Manual Control Model, user doesn’t need to worry about torch head crashing.
C, Freeze Auto Height Control on Corner Signal
XPTHC-100 can recognize Corner Signal from CNC and freeze Auto Control Model on receiving this signal, and we have a unique design to backup this function. We set 30V (adjustable) as Turning Point according to our years practice. When the Actual Arc Voltage is higher than Set Arc Voltage over 30V, THC Auto Control Mode freezes to avoid torch head diving, until it goes back to 30V range. This Over Voltage protection can avoid torch diving on voltage spikes (Corner Turning, Kerf Crossing) effectively.
D. Set Pierce Time
Set the Button (Set PIERE) to set Pierce Time.
E. Manual Operation
Many functions can be Manually operated on THC Operation Panel such as setting Auto/Manual, Up and Down, testing of IHS and Arc Start….etc
F. Arc Voltage Divide
Isolation Voltage Divide detection, the Voltage Divide ratio is 100:1/50:1. And XPTHC-100 supports different HF plasma.
For details of THC, pls contact us for LATEST instruction manual and price.
We ship ONE set to anywhere.

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Auto Bollard

Auto Bollard

Auto Bollard

Remote control, can be used for parking as well

A traffic product as well, works as both bollard and parking lock.



Control Distance:within 30m

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