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High Lubrication
Guangdong China (Mainland)
100000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year


High Performance Polymer Materials,Glass Fiber Reinforced

Polyetherimide(Abbr.PEI)is a high performance amorphous engineering polymer offers excellent thermal resistance,broad chemical resistance,inherent flame retardant properties,very good dimensional stability,high strength and stiffness,excellent abrasion resistance,good wave transmittance,outstanding electrical properties.PEI well balance mechanical properties and processability,offering flexibility and efficiency in applications of electronic and electrical industries,mechanical and chemical industries,automotives,aerospace.PEI also used to replace metal parts for traditional and household products

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Multi-functional polymer material with wide range of applications

Polypropylene(PP)is one of the five general-purpose plastics.Its density is 0.90 cubic centimetre,the second lightest polymer resin material.

PP has an excellent overall performance,good chemical stability,easy processing and relatively low price.Weakness are low performance on strength,modulus,hardness,low-temperature impact resistance,high molding shrinkage,and easy to aging,etc.Therefore it's better to modify it became an engineering plastic,and is widely used in the automotive industry,household appliances,electronic instrumentation industry,textile industry.

Focus on the market demands,we developed glass fibre reinforced PP materials,fire-retardant PPmaterials,weathering resistance PPmaterials,high-gloss PP materials.

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High gloss polymeric alloy material,High impact

PMMA/ABS is a kind of high-gloss polymeric alloy material,which is of good weatherability,high surface hardness,high glossiness,and good wearability.So the injection products made by this material are brilliant,and durable.This material is widely used in the bright-outward electricals,electronic accessories,especially for the accessories of LCD TV.It realizes the requirements of high-gloss without painting and spraying.

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