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self-heating lumbar support

Post Date : April 02
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any color as you like
Hebei China (Mainland)
Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
200000 Piece/Pieces per Month adjustable
back support


far infrared functional fabric and magnetic sheet

self-heated lumbar support material

far infrared functional fabric+ interlining be built in biomagnetism functional magnetic sheet(NHBP301)


Nano technology & knitting

the functions

{1} Far infrared function

improving microcirculation increasing blood flow.

activate the activity of nuclear protein's biomocule

enhance body's metabolism

bacteriostasis , bactericidal action, improving body's immunity

detumescence avurrutation

{2} magetic therapy function

improving microcirculation

regulating blood pressure







bring high blood fat down


the function of the product

1.stimulating the acupuncture points of the waist, regulating waist's nervous system

2.activating endocrine system. improving bod y's metabolish

3.accelerating blood circulation. allaying the tiredness of the waist

4.abirritation. allaying the pain of the waist

5.the waist support belt has the feature of keeping warm to wear especially in winter.



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Fracture walker brace

Fracture walker brace

Fracture walker brace

1.four kinds
2,high quality material
3.used for foot fracture
4.three size and can be logo as yours

Fracture walker brace:

1.four kinds
2,high quality material
3.used for foot fracture
4.three size and can be logo as yours


comfortable soft foam,EVA rubber sole,aluminum sheet with sticky buckle.


1.(adjustable) Fracture walker brace

2..(adjustable) Fracture walker brace with air punch.

3.ankle Fracture walker brace

4. ankle Fracture walker brace with air punch.

Function and uses:

  1. foot fracture
  2. soft tissue,tendon or ligamentous injury or produre
  3. acute or postoperative care4.
  4. ankle sprain

features and benefits:

  1. comfortable soft foam,air poutches inside the foots offer extra comfort.
  2. easy asdustable from the hook and loop closure.
  3. universal design fits right or left foot and features a soft,washable liner.
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maternity belt

maternity belt

maternity belt

1. high quality elasticized permeable cellular fabric
2. make the gravida comfortable and safe

maternity belt material

*42% high-elastic nature of Poluester

*18% Nylon,

*25% cotton,

@2% metallic yarn,

*13% elastane,

*OP cloth Wearing-easy and lasting

maternity belt function:

it is used for pregnant women, and can supportnwaist easily, cure waist pain during pregant.

it also can strengthen and support the back helping the women bear the pain more easily.

we also use Maternity belts on the lower abdomen which will decrease the weight balance on the back thus relieving the pain

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