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API Rotary Drilling hose

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Post Date : April 21
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drilling hose
Hebei China (Mainland)
5000 Meter/Meters per Week no


api Rotary Drilling hose
Principally NBR constructed
featuring oil-resistant
acid&alkali resistant

API Rotary Drilling hose

reinforcement:2~8layers spiraled by single high-strength steel wire,and rubber as a binder to make the layer s into one complete and sound construction

1. Description: the Mud hose is suitable for flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the vertical systems, and for the adjustment of installing variance between the drilling pump line and the riser. It is for connection and vibration isolation. It is also suitable for delivering in large quantity water-based or oil-based mud pumped out of rotary drilling equipment at high pressure, with the min. aniline point at 66°C. Moreover, it resists to corrosion of hydrogen sulfide and can deliver water, oil, mud and other high-pressure media in borehole operation in the oil field.

2. Composition: It is made of inner rubber layer or stainless steel armored inner tube, carbon fiber reinforcement layer, middle layer, single steel wire reinforcement layer/multi steel wire reinforcement layer, and carbon fiber outer layer.

3. Classification: single steel wire reinforcement type and multi steel wire reinforcement type. Single steel wire reinforcement hoses are suitable for well site ground usage. Multi steel wire reinforcement hoses are suitable for long-term high altitude hanging.

4. Applicable standard: API Spec 7K & SY/T5469-92.


LP(Line Pipe Thread)and TBG(Tubing Thread)of API Spec 5B Intergral type union joint and flange joint Particular types upon customers'specific requirements

I.DO.D mmW.P MPaT.P MPaweight kg/mMin.bending radius mmCoupling Thread

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water/air hose

water/air hose

water/air hose

air rubber hose
1.years factory
2.high quality & better service
3.ISO9001 certificate
4.used for air convey

Air rubber hose


TUBE: black, smooth, electrically conductive, NBR rubber compound, oil resistant.

REINFORCEMENT:high strength synthetic cord.

COVER: black smooth(wrapped finish),electrically conductive,CR rubberr compound,fire ,oil and weather resistant.


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sae 100 r5

sae 100 r5

sae 100 r5

r5 shall consist of an inner tube of oil resistant syntheric rubber, a single wire braid reinforcement and a fiber braided cover

r5 covers hose for use with petroleum base hydraulic fluids with a temperature range of -40c-100c

the specification is as follows:

DNHose I.DHose O.D.Working PressureBurst PressureMinimum Bend RadiusWeightLength
53/164.813.220.7300082.712000760.2450/ 100
61/46.414.820.7300082.712000860.2950/ 100
85/167.917.115.5225062.190001020.3650/ 100
1113/3210.319.513.8200055.280001170.4850/ 100
131/212.723.412.1175048.370001400.5550/ 100
165/815.927.410.3150041.460001650.6550/ 100
227/822.231.45.580022.132001870.6920/ 40
281 1/828.638.14.362517.225002290.8420/ 40
351 3/835.044.43.450013.820002671.0320/ 40
461 13/1646.056.42.43509.614003371.2620/ 40
602 3/860.573.02.43509.614006102.0020/ 40

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