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oscillation chair

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  • Shen Zhen
  • oscillation chair
  • Body Soul
  • BS1740
  • Tag:oscilltion chair,vibration theopy, home care
  • Supplier - Treasure-Tree Art & Crafts Co., Ltd.
  • China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
  • US$5 Million - US$10 Million
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  • North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
  • Mr.Albert
  • 86-0769-23597785
Post Date : April 21
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Shen Zhen
oscillation chair
Body Soul
Guangdong China (Mainland)


Our oscillation chair can give you a overall vibration massage just in your own house

  1. Product Size:542*540*759MM
  2. Rated Voltage:AC 220V-240V /AC 100V-120V
  3. Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
  4. Rated Power:200W
  5. Speed Range:1-30
  6. Sustain Max. Weight:120KG
  7. Auto Timer:10 mimutes Feature of our oscillation machinemassage chair.jpg
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Indoor excercise Seated row machine

Indoor excercise Seated row machine

Indoor excercise Seated row machine

Finish inversion and stretching exercise for the purpose of relieve stress, stimulate blood circulation and relax the muscle

Indoor excercise Seated row machine

1. Foldaway design
2. Height to the handle bar: 117cm
3. Handle bar designed more comfortable than others
4. Safety locking system available
5. With belt to limit the degree of rotation
6. Adjustment holes on pivot system to get different inverting for the beginner and practice
7. Pedal connection bar with 24 adjustable holes, each hole is 2cm adjustment
8. Main steel pipe size: 32 x 1.5mm; Chromed pedal connection bar size: 38*38*1.5mm; Back-rest table size: 115 x 49cm
9. Max. user weight: 150kg
10. Suitable height: 147 - 198cm
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Mouse Shape Body Care Vibration Robot

Mouse Shape Body Care Vibration Robot

Mouse Shape Body Care Vibration Robot

Body Care Vibration Robot
Mini size,delicate and easy to opearate;
Used as an accessional gifts for fitness machinery

Body Care Vibration Robot:

Thorough massage for your whole body;

Good-Looking mini gifts widely welcomed by most clients

Power typeInput:AC100V/60Hz Output:DC12V 1.9A
Rated time5min.(timer)
Cable length3.3m
Operating Temperature0-10'C
Overall SizeL27*w13.1*H15.6cm
AccessoriesAC adapter,power cable,operating manual

main bodyaccessories

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Underneath the epidermis and dermis are three fat layers.

Cellulite develops in the most superficial of these layers, known as hypodermis or subcutaneous fat layer.

This layer is structurally unique from the others because its fat lobes are organized into chambers by surrounding strands of connective tissue

Hormones, not exercise and diet, primarily regulate fat storage and metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer.

Deeper below this layer we find what is termed reserve fat (also known as superficial reserve, sometimes, normal deep fat)

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Why does Cellulite form?

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It forms no matter how well balanced a diet may be.

If you do not have a healthy lifestyle the overall appearance of existing cellulite can worsen over time with weight gain, poor nutrition and inadequate water intake

How does weight gain contribute to excess cellulite?

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What are some of the other causes of cellulite?

Fat cells swell due to fat storage

Toxic accumulation in the tissues

Fluid retention and poor hydration

Hormones are responsible for regulating changes in blood flow, lymphatic drainage, fat and connective tissue which is why cellulite develops during times of hormonal change

Stiff and thick fibers surround the fat cells, impeding blood flow

Is Cellulite a female thing only?

Men can have trapped fat within the hypodermal layer as well.

The connective fibers that thicken and become more rigid do not run vertically as they do in women. It is in a diagonal web like manner.

The dimpled affect is not as apparent in men as it is in women.

For men this shows up as love handles, around the pectoral area, and often times at the top of the buttocks along the hip line.

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