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Solid liquid gas three phase horizontal separator oilfield equipment

Post Date : May 04
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1.Product: Three phase separator
2.Certificates: ASME "U" Stamp
3. Business Type: Manufacturer
4. Raw Material: Carbon Steel

Three-phase separator: When Oil and gas flow from Wells after the entry of separator get into the separator, Oil and gas flow pass the absorb energy device of separation, and finish the first separation. After the first phase separation ,the Oil and gas flow get buffer again through the corrugating plate, further removed the fog from the airflow, So that residual droplet were removed.The Separated gas released from tanks in through the gas exports after catching the vortex air regulator,and get into vent pipe Through measuring stomatal board device and pneumatic – valve.After liquid enter the mixing chamber, rely on gravity separation principle, make oil natural in liquid, and the water in liquid bottom, after the Oil get into oil chamber through the internal clapboard of the separator, finish the three-phase separation. The bottom of the Separator has export of oil and water respectively, and enter into respective process through the oil-water measurement.


Operation pressure


Gas volume


Liquid volume





10,000,000 m3/d



WORKING SITE in factory


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fuel filter separator marine oil water separator

fuel filter separator marine oil water separator

fuel filter separator marine oil water separator


  1. Product name: fuel filter separator
  2. Diameter 762mm
  3. Length 2134mm
  4. Type: horizontal
  5. Head type: elliptical
  6. Design pressure: 625psig
  7. Design temperature 180F
  8. Operating pressure: 296psig
  9. Corrosion allowance: 3mm
  10. Empty weight: 1510kgs

Shijiazhuang Dongfang Petro-Chemical Machinery Factory, which obtained the design and manufacture permit for class - D2 and D1 pressure vessels in 1988, manufacture permit for class-A2 pressure vessel in 1998, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code "U" stamping authorization

Design service we can offer ASME EN13445 TEMA API650


Advanced production line equipments in our factory

numerical control cutting machine


submerged arc automatic welder


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SS Skid-mounted buffer tank

SS Skid-mounted buffer tank

SS Skid-mounted buffer tank

1.Product:Skid-mounted buffer tank

2.Material:Carbon steel
3.Advantage:The equipment are skid-mounted
4.ASME certificate

5.Product description

The role of buffer tank is to confirm separator’s oil flow meters data and measure the production of oil. When it was used to wash well without using separator or burner, We can safely choke of the low pressure gas to a safe area. To provide buffer to the separation ‘s crude oil. It is convenient to use oil transfer pump rather than separator pressure to sent crude oil to the burner. It is convenient to use best flow and pressure transmission oil, and achieve good combustion



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