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Machine to produce candle Wax Powder Making Machine

Post Date : May 04
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Machine to produce candle  is one of specialized equipments in candle production, to be used in making the wax powder into various candle productions in a further step. This machine shall be placed inside the workshop.


  • Temperature of powder higher than paraffin concreting is about 2°C.
  • When external temperature is higher than or equal to 15°C, the internal circulation is necessary. 

Technical Data:


  Model Type  XGWPGMM-800A
  Production of wax powder granulation  800-850kg/h
  Number of nozzles:   100 x4pcs
  Degree of noise  (max)85db
  Dimension(L×W×H)   8150×4620×7100mm
  Power of centrifugal fan  15KW
  Power of axial blower  7.5KW
  Power of the wax pump  3KW
  Runoff  3m3 /h
  Air pressure  0.8-1Mpa
  Water consumption  about 10 m3 /h
  Temperature of cold water  about 7-10 °C
  Hot water consumption  about 3m3 /h
  Compression air volume  50L/min
  Pressure of compressed air   0.6MPa
  Steam pressure  0.75Mpa
  Mixing motor for in the wax melting tank  1.1KW
  Voltage   380V
  Frequency  50Hz
  Voltage of the controlling system  220V
  Power  26.6KW
  Diameter of the powder   0.3mm 
  Weight   6550Kg








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Melt Wax Machine

Melt Wax Machine

Melt Wax Machine

Melt Wax Machine  is made of tube for melting wax,attemperator,filter,solenoid valve,stirring motor,beater,electric cabinet, This machine is widely used in candle production.


Technical Data:


1. Model type:XGMWM

 2. Material : Stainless Steel (304)

3. Dimension: Upon the capacity

4. Colour Mixing

5. Wax block melting
6. Temperature preservation











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Semi-automatic Candle Pouring Machine

Semi-automatic Candle Pouring Machine

Semi-automatic Candle Pouring Machine


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      Technical Data:     


  •  Model type:XGGZJ/S
  • Filling container height (max): 250mm
  • Machine length: 12m, 16m, 20m, 24m, 28m, 32m, 36m, 40m, 48m;
  • The length and width of the net belt can be customized, as well as the output.
  • Net belt transmission power: 0.75-1.1KW
  • Supply voltage: 380V
  • Wax box electric heating tube power: 1.5KW×2 (when one  filling set)
  • Wax pump electrical motor power: 0.15KW (when one  filling set )
  • Wax pump flow: 50L/Min (when 1 filler)
  • wax trough electric heating tube power: 1.5KW×2 (when one  filling )
  • Dimensions(L×W×H): Net belt length + 800×1350×1860mm





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