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3KW Vertical Wind Generator

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  • WFD2.8-3000
  • China (Mainland)
  • 20 Set/Sets per Year
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Post Date : May 06
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China (Mainland)
20 Set/Sets per Year


3KW Vertical Wind Generator, roof mounted, Have very little vibration, catch wind from any direction,make little noise

3KW Vertical Wind Generator

We introduces the newest vertical axis wind generator.

Feature :

Energy efficient, reliable, roof mounted and affordable

Have very little vibration

Will catch wind from any direction

Produce little noise

Are a high performance sustainable renewable energy source

The electrical power produced by the WFD3.2-3000 charges 120 volt or 240 volt batteries. Alternating current(AC) electrical appliances can be supplied by connecting a 220 volt or 110 volt inverter to the batteries.




Cut in wind speed 4 m/sec

Cut out wind speed 12m/sec

Rated wind speed 12 m/sec

Survival wind speed 45 m/sec

Rated rotor speed 90 rpm

Max rotor speed 110 rpm

Over speed protection electromagnetic brake

Height of tower recommended 3 ~ 6 meter high with pipe diameter of 120TURBINE

Rotor height 2.95 m

Rotor diameter 2.8 m

Number of blades 6 blades, of aluminum alloy material

Turbine Weight 180 kg


Type 3 phase PMG

Rated power 3000W

Max power 3500W

Nominal voltage 240V or 120V

Packing details:

Box one : rotor blades

Box dimension: 280 x 51 x 42 cm; Weight : 65 kg

Box two : wind generator assembly

Box dimension: 108 x 62 x 53 cm; Weight : 110 kg

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wind generator charge controller

wind generator charge controller

wind generator charge controller

Wind charge controller 300W, 12V/24V, Model YC03A

Wind Turbine Charge Controller 300W, 12V/24V


Very small to carry about

Very competitive price


This YC03A controller combines the functions of AC to DC rectifier and load control for wind systems. It eliminates the need for separate rectifier and wind turbine controller. It is the most cost effective solution for renewable energy systems.

The YC03A is suitable for wind turbine with permanent magnet generator or hydro system with permanent magnet generators, which has a 3-phase AC output within the corresponding voltage range. It rectifies and regulates the generator’s 3 phase alternating current in order to be able to charge battery banks in a smooth and safe way. The YC03A also protects the batteries from over-charging.

When the battery has reached fully charge state, the YC03A will cut off current flowing to the battery and brake the wind turbine automatically.


Rated Wind Input Power : 300W

Rated Battery Voltage : 12V or 24V

Floating Charge Voltage : 14V or 28V

Control mode : PWM

Protection : Over charge, battery reverse-connection , load short-circuit, wind

turbine automatic brake.

Operation temperature : -20°C~50°C

Outside Size : 230 x 120 x 70 mm

Weight : 1.20 kg

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300W wind/solar hybrid light

300W wind/solar hybrid light

300W wind/solar hybrid light

300W Wind & Solar Hybrid Light are able to generate power from solar in the day and power from wind generator

Wind & Solar Hybrid Lights

300W Wind & Solar Hybrid Light are able to generate power from solar in the day time and power from wind generator. They are very cost effective and simple to install. They are ideal for street lighting, sidewalk lighting, Park Lighting, farm & ranch lighting, campus lighting...


Solar Panel

50W, monocrystalline or polycrystalline, conversion efficiency: 15%

Light Source

48W, LED lamp

Wind Turbine

300W, 6 blades, weigh only 16 kg


8 meter high, made up of galvanized steel


wind solar hybrid controller


One 12V 65Ah, gel cell deep cycle batteries

Working Time

8 ~ 10 hours/day, 3 ~ 4 cloudy or rainy days backup


  • Street Lighting
  • Park Lighting
  • Roadway Lighting
  • Fence Lighting
  • Campus Lighting
  • Ramp Lighting
  • Sidewalk Lighting

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