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Float Glass

  • 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Zhejiang China (Mainland)
  • Ningbo port
  • Quartz Glass
  • clear float glass
  • Tag: clear float glass,temperred, clear
Post Date : May 09
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Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Ningbo port
Quartz Glass
clear float glass
2-12mm and so on
1000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Insulated Glass
Building Glass


It is used to make mirror ,the glass. Not changing its shape is one of sthrengths.

float glass of quartz crystal clear, raw materials. production of pure and transparency. bright, colorless glass . third,it is heavy, has a smooth hand, the same thickness per square metre flat, the better than the proportion of cutting it is difficult to break, the civil construction of the best products: glass from the sun radiating energy, insulated. different colors to increase the appearance of beauty , to do all kinds of a composite of glass products kipen

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Bullet-proof glass

Bullet-proof glass

Bullet-proof glass

Against impact, penetration; safety,good security performance.

Bullet-proof glass

Bullet-proof glass is made of multi-layer glass and film, with a total thickness of 20mm or more,and is a kind of safety glass to prevent bullet penetration.Bulletproof glass is widely used.According to the use of different combinations, our company can provide various types of bullet-proof glass, there are 5 +0.76 +5 +0.76 +10 mm, 6 +0.76 +6 +0.76 +10 mm, 8 +0.76 +8 +0.76 +8 mm and so on.Bulletproof glass is made by multi-storey glass with specific blocking ability and film, is suitable for different levels of products to stop bullets penetrating and fragments to splash injury.


1. Against impact, penetration; safety,good security performance.

2. A good sound insulation.

3. UV capability.

4. Color diversity.

5. Durable, does not fade.


The operating room doors,windows and counters of banks, securities companies, post offices, insurance companies and other financial companies.Gold and silver jewelers counters, valuables display cases, museums, precious counters of art museums,advanced textile counters, residential buildings and villas,explosion-proof equipments, observation windows,doors and windows of prisons,and so on.


Max size: 2440 × 6000mm

Minimum processing size: 300 × 300mm

Product Standard:

Meet the GA165 "bulletproof glass composite"

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Enamel printed glass

Enamel printed glass

Enamel printed glass

Widely used in indoor and outdoor decorations,furnitures and kitchens,glass curtain walls

Enamel printed glass

Enamel printed glass is a kind of wearable,decorative glass with acid-alkali resistance.First we print the inorganic(ink) to the glass surface,and then dry,steel or heat the glass.So the glaze will be on the glass surface forever.After these,the glass we get is the enamel printed glass.


1.The diversity of color and pattern (according to customer requirements), color does not fade stability, outstanding decorative effect.

2.The increase in the intensity of steel processing,high security.

3.Can be coated, laminated, synthetized hollow,access to multi-use performance.

4. Absorbing, reflecting part of the solar thermal, shading effect is obvious.


Widely used in indoor and outdoor decorations,furnitures and kitchens,glass curtain walls.


Thickness :4-19mm

Maximum size: 2000mm × 4500mm roll printing

Screen 2200mm × 4500mm

Minimum size: 300mm × 300mm

Product Standard:

Meet Enterprise Standard Q/SNB002-1999 "tempered glass"


Enamel printed glass products have been toughened or semi-tempering processed, in any form, cannot re-cutting and re-grinding.The printing of colored glazed glass is one-sided printing.When it's used for exterior walls or windows,the glass is recommended pringting face down.

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