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NE, NSE Series Plate Chain Bucket Elevator

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NE, NSE Series Plate Chain Bucket Elevator
belt type bucket elevator
belt bucket elevator

NE, NSE Series Plate Chain Bucket Elevator
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Characters and technical requirments of type NE,NSE series chain bucket elevator
The material flow through the conveyor while feeding, avoiding squeezing and crashing between conveyor and material. Thus it runs stably with convenient maintenance.
1. The conveyor is linked to the plate chain instead of linking points by points. Thus the using life is increased and it can over five years.
2.The material flow through the buckets while feeding and it is guided by gravity while discharging. The buckets’ speed is very high (15-30m/min). The power when there is without feeding back of material is just 40% of common bucket elevator.
3.The driving efficiency is high and It can run for over 30 thousand hours without any obstacles.
4.Big conveying capacity,The conveying range is from15-800m3/h.
5.Good sealing capacity and less environment pollution.
6.Easily operation and maintenance, few easily worn-out parts.
Abrasion resistant bucket with high filling rate
1.Material of bucket:16Mn abrasion resistant plate.
2.Filling rate of the bucket:75%-90%(Confirmed by the speed and material).
3.Abrasion plate with material in.
4.Two pieces of wing plate extending from the side plate, guiding material when feeding and discharging.
5.Protective full welding with CO2 molding bed.
6.Four holes connecting with chain are punched into the form.
Alloy steel wear sleeve rolling chain
1.Quality material selected from special steel plant with advanced heat treatment technology
1,Inside and outside chain plate:40Cr ; 2,Pin shaft :20CrMnMo ; 3,Sleeve :20CrMo ; 4,Roller:20CrMo;
Hardening and tempering HB293-365 ; Carbon and nitrogen carburization(0.5mm), Quenching HRC55-62; Carbon and nitrogen(0.5mm) quenching HRC55-60; Carbon and nitrogen(0.5mm) quenching HRC50-55

2.heat treatment equipment with Net automatic-turning bag imported from Germany, carburized quenching deeply and evenly.
3.1,Pin shaft and outside chain plate are fixed. The sleeve and inside chain plate can effectively reduce the abrasion of loading parts.
2,The clearance fit between pin shaft and sleeve, between roller and sleeve is different according to the material, avoiding the abrasion to chains and the lengthening of the pitch.
3,External chain plate is punched into bending plate structure. And it is convenient to fix the buckets and it can reduce the occupying space of laoding parts.
4.Common inspection and break tension inspection test are used. It fully guarantees the technology requirements.

Head chain wheel

Structure:Composed of wheel hub and gear girth.
2.Material:wheel hub ZG45;Gear girth 20CrMo forging steel;high strength and reamed bolt.
3.Technical figure:low speed with12 tooth,High speed with 24 tooth.
4.Manufacture way:Linear cutting and manufactured in a whole part and at the same time. Cut it after installation.
5.The way of heat treatment:Hardening and tempering of wheel hub is HB217-255;Rgidity of gear girth hardening is HRC55-60
Tail chain wheel


2.Technical figures:fine turning with nimbus and no tooth
3.Heat treatment:Middle frequency quenching HRC55-60.
4.Tail wheel teeth can prevent abrasion and the inconformity of the chain between the head and the tail.
NE,NSE Series plate chain bucket elevator
NE,NSE series plate chain bucket elevator suits to vertically lift different kinds of material from powder to lumps. The material will flow through the buckets instead of the traditional pulling-out feeding. It is a replace of traditional bucket elecvator.
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MS single row chain and hidden scraper conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment for bulk material through the running scraper chains in sealed rectangle section housing. When conveying in horizontal, material bears pressure from the moving direction of scraper and chain and then inner friction comes into being under effect of the gravity. The friction guarantees the stable condition of material layer and overcomes the external frictional resistance brought by material moving inside the trough and makes the material flow continuously and be conveyed.
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· Tight structure and good sealing. hanging chain is arranged at the head of machine. It can stop the blocking of chain because of its thermal extension.
·Alloy steel forging is used for the chain. After heat treatment, it is of strong strength, convenient change, good self-locking and not loosening merits.
·Low chain speed and high conveying efficiency, abrasion resistant and long life.
· Apply modular design and it is convenient to install at site.
· Overload protection and broken chain protection are applied.
outline structure and installation dimension
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1.Main capacity parameter
The main capacity parameter of DJ, JB crinkle edge belt conveyor made by Nantong China-Mining please refers to table1. The amount conveyed is calculated according to 30 degree angle, max. belt speed and min. distance between diaphragm plates.
2. Name, type and specification
name : crinkle edge belt conveyor
type : DJ, JB
spec.: there are 101 kind of specifications according to the width of belt B ( cm), the height of damper H ( cm) and the diameter of driving rollers.
spec. of crinkle edge belt conveyor
3.type of arrangement
1,basic type of arrangement
The basic arrangement and code of DJ, JB crinkle edge of belt conveyor is referred to table 3. These are the five basic arranging types. Actually, the conveyor can be bended several times at one same vertical surface because crinkle edge conveying belt and rollers for changing direction are used in it. And more complicated arranging type can be reached.
2. Typical arranging type
To get better feeding and discharging conditions, esp. the conveying angle is over 45 degree, we suggest the users choose S or SC crinkle edge belt conveyor, which are that there are upper horizontal feeding part and lower feeding part of the conveyor.
1 discharging hopper 2 head support 3 head cover 4 driving roller 5 head cleaner 6 blocking part 7 support for concave part 8 wheel for changing direction 9 blocking rollers 10 middle support 11 leg of middle support 12 upper roller 13 support for groove part 14 roller for changing direction 15 lower roller 16 guiding chute 17 cleaner 18 tail roller 19 tension device 20 tail support
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