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We offer variable displacement Axial piston pumps with swash plate design for open circuits . Theese pumps are available in displacements of 28 to 140 CC with nominal pressure of 280 bar & peak pressure of 350 bars with different types of pressure controls.Manifolds are connected with these pumps to control the flow from variable displacement pumps as the actuaters require varying flows and pressures. The main advantage of these pumps is the low operating cost & sensitive closed loop control range.Theese pumps are used in hydraulic drives which require variable flow and pressure as the pump only supplies the actual amount of oil required.


- swash plate design for Hydraulic open circuit systems

- Flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement.It can be infinitely varied by adjustment of swash plate.

- ISO mounting flange . Flange connections to SAE metric

- Good suction characteristics with 2 case drain ports

- Nominal pressure of 280 bar & peak pressure of 350 bars

- Low noise level & long service life

- Axial and radial loading of drive shaft possible

- High power weight ratio & Wide range of controls

- Through drive option for multi circuit system & short response times.

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Rexroth Piston Pump & Motor Parts

Rexroth Piston Pump & Motor Parts

Rexroth Piston Pump & Motor Parts
We offer replacement parts for piston pumps: rexroth, kawasaki,linde,sunstrand,vickers,yuken & all major world brands: cylinder block,valve plate,drive shaft,piston

replacement parts for piston pumps: rexroth, kawasaki,linde,volvo,sunstrand,komatsu,caterpillar & all major world brands: cylinder block,valve plate,drive shaft,piston shoe & other

spares for construction & earthmoving machinery

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S.M.Shah & Co are authorised distributors/Importers for INTERMOT make Orbit Gero-rotor type motors which are one to one replacement for DANFOSS OMP,OMR,OMS,OMT,OMV series motors.

We offer imported Orbital Hydraulic motors (Low speed High Torque) which are fully interchangeable with OMS,OMP,OMR,OMT.OMV etc series motors.

Hydraulic motors are rotary Hydraulic Actuators which closely resemble the pumps in construction.Theese motors are a kind of inner gearing orbit motor on the principle of planetary reduction.There are two forms of distributions : with shaft distribution flow or with disc distribution flow.This product is a simple structure showing good performance under low speed and short time overhauling. Instead of pushing on the fluid as the pump does as output members in the hydraulic system they are pushed by the fluid and develop torque and continuous rotating motion.Since both inlet and outlet ports may at times be pressurized most hydraulic motors are externally drained.It has great advantages for its small volume,low weight and high output torque.Theese motors have wide applications in construction engineering,agricultural machinery,transportation,oil or coal miners,adjusting mould in plastic injection moulding machine etc.

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