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93QS-30 Silage chaff cutters

Post Date : May 13
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Henan China (Mainland)
L/C,T/T,Western Union
200 Set/Sets per Month


Detailed Product Description
1large supply
2high quality and low price
3easy to operate and good service

Applied ranges
Suitable for cutting green and dry corn stalk, rice and wheat stalk. The processed mass can be used to feed cattle, goats, deer, and horses. It can also processed cotton stalk,bark,branches,They can also be used to generate electricity, make paper , artificial board and extract alcohol.

Key features
Three-leaf knife plates are equipped with strengthening ring, making it stronger and integral. Adjusting bolts are added between the knife plate and main axel, allowing more convenient movements and more convenient knife gap adjustments.
Advanced feeding structure with hay-conveying rollers (for whose patent we have been awarded), the cutter conveys hay automatically and smoothly at a high speed.
Designed with motive knife safety guide, preventing knives from knocking into each other, thus making the whole machine safe and reliable.
Unique gear boxes allow more accurate adjustment of processed hay length. The box is tightly sealed.
The transmitting section is equipped with rolling bearings and universal joints, so it is easy to take apart and the whole machine operates smoothly.
The advanced feeding and transmitting structure is controlled by a button, which is easy to control.
The blade made of high-quality steel is refined through special technical process, so it is especially wear-proof. The cutter uses high-strength bolts, and is safe and reliable.
As the largest type with the highest productivity in the country, it is furnished with rubber wheels, making such a giant machine easy to move about.

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Drum granulator

Drum granulator

Drum granulator

Drum granulator
1.high quantity, reasonable price
2.OEM are welcome
3.we can offer best service and soonest delivery

Drum granulator

Drum granulator, machines, pass into the vapor, gases, or by adding phosphoric acid or

ammonia nitrogen solution, ammonium phosphate slurry, TSP slurry, completion of chemical

reaction in the tube and heating fertilizer granulation process; or Add a small amount of

cold water in the fertilizer granulation process. to take the material into particles by the

rotating cylinder, the cylinder did not have rolling material rotation, at a certain

humidity, temperature, into a cohesive ball, complete the process of the ball.

Drum granulator advantages:

The main advantage is the use of wet steam for heating, increased granulation the

temperature of the material itself, reducing the granulation water, reducing the dryer load

and enhance the work efficiency. Using a drum granulator granulation rate of up to 70% of

the ball, and the equipment is simple, flexible and easy maintenance. UHMWPE lined equipment

(UHMW-PE), to eliminate the phenomenon of wall material viscosity, reduce the labor

intensity, and extend the life of the equipment.

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my trademanager:cn220227470


fax +86-371-87782821


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Sawdust machine

Sawdust machine

Sawdust machine

Sawdust machine
1.competitive price
2.high quality,high efficiency
3. long workin


Our company produces the wood cutting machine sawdust machine again call (wood crusher, sawdust pulverizer, wood particles machine), is the production of high quality wood powder (sawdust) a special woodworking machinery, widely used in papermaking, edible fungus, mechanism, particieboard, sawdust charcoal board, high density board, in fiber board and other industrial production inventories section and the single wood powder (sawdust) production base, cutting raw material is mainly log, branches. He can offer wood, branch fork into one processing materials such as wood, has less investment, low energy consumption and high productivity, good economic returns, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. Sawdust machine/wood cutting machine/timber wood shavings machine/sawdust crusher/wood particles machine/sawdust machine slicing machine/woodworking machines/sawdust machine price

Wood cutting machine, cutting machine sawdust wood wood machine by low or high voltage motor, large sawdust sawdust crusher, disc wood cutting machine, a leather belt transmission and straight association-like drive two; Feeding water-dividing peace tilt in two ways, discharging also have discharging and under the material in two ways. Sawdust crusher wood cutting machine wood cutting machine slicing machine.

The sawdust wood cutting crusher particularly applicable to edible fungus culture of wood cutting machining, mainly by cutting crumbs device, crushing devices and fan composition. Lumber classics after cutting cutting wood scraps device size small, do not need to dry can send into crushing devices further shattered, after smashing the sawdust machine finished by fan sent to aggregate sites. The whole equipment with only a motor driving, the structure is simple, decorated compact, price cheap, stable operation, low energy-consuming, high yield, good quality and machining product sawdust cost is low. Also can be used in bamboo, thatched, YuMiGan, sorghum culm etc fiber culm shape material the scraps. The sawdust sawdust crusher can also be particieboard, sawdust board high density board raw material production with wood particles machine wood. Cut timber wood cutting machine machine.

The timber wood shavings machine, crumbs sheet extruder, wood chip crusher can be processed to deal, miscellaneous wood, Yang original bamboo wood, fir, due to the machine, compact structure, cover an area of an area small, cutting piece of good quality, low power consumption, and suitable for flow homework, widely used in small and medium-sized particleboard and chipboard production enterprise inventories segments, also can used for the soho merchandise wood production.

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Trade manager: cn220227497




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