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plastic ditch drainage

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1.water drainage ditch
3.use:drainage ,reduce groundwater pressure

Product Introduction:

Plastic blind drain is also named blind ditch or under drain. It is three-dimensional
multi-hole material by melting joint of fiber extruded from melted thermoplastic
composite resin. There are a variety of products of round or square sections. We can manufacture products with different characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti- flaming, high PH resistance, high elasticity, and high hardness
made of different formula tailored for customers.

Engineering application of plastic blind drain:

1. Drainage of road and railway ground and shoulder.

2. Drainage of back of retaining wall (vertical and horizontal drainage).

3. Drainage of tunnel and underground channel.

4. Drainage of slopes such as hillside and bank slope.

5. Horizontal drainage of weak ground treatment.

6. Drainage in sports ground, golf course, airport, park and other greening places.
7. Drainage in coal depot, landfill waste site and fertilizer depot.

8. Drainage bedding of decompression.

9. Drainage system of underground irrigation of agriculture and gardening.

10. Drainage of roof garden.

11. Filtering material of sewage treatment.jpg

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HDPE drainage net

HDPE drainage net

HDPE drainage net

1.drainage geonet
2.model number:YFS1,YFS2
3.material:high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

The introduction and application of the geonet:

1. It is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with the property of aging resistance and erosion resistance.

2.Drainage geonet has strong tensile strength and compressive strength ,and formed between drainage guide groove in high load under difficult deformation, can prevent geotextiles embedded geotechnical nets core, ensure drainage unblocked.

3.Drainage geonet used in landfill, railway system drainage ,Highway roadbed and pavement drainage , tunnel and retaining structure drainage.

Spec and property indexes of drainage geonet

specWeight per sq.m.(g/m2)drawing force (KN/m)thickness(mm)tonnage(m/s)
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hdpe drainage net

hdpe drainage net

hdpe drainage net

1.3d geotechnique drainage board
2.Material: HDPE (high density polyethylene)
3.Application:inverted filter,drain off water

The introduction and application of 3D drainage geonet:

1.The 3D drainage net also called 3D geotechnique drainage board, it is a new type of drainage geotextile materials.

2.The material of 3D drainage net is HDPE,and it has three layers of special structure.

3.Intermediate longitudinal bars, the longitudinal arrangement, rigid formation drainage channels, the muscles of the upper cross arrangement formed support prevent geotextile embedded drainage channels, even in high load, also can maintain high drainage performance.

4.Drainage nets double-sided adhesive water seepage geotextile compound use attached, it is the most ideal drainage material.

5.Property:inverted filter, drain away water, ventilation, protection.

The spec and property indexes of 3d drainage geonet:


Mass per unit (g/m2)

Thickness (mm)

Mesh size (mm)

Width deviation


Length deviation (m)

Tensile yield strength
















3D 4.JPG3D 2.JPG3D 5.JPG

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